Project Update – Master Bedroom

Am I the only person that neglects my personal space, working on the rest of the house first? It might be because I feel like the only time I spend in the space is sleeping or showering. It’s funny, I consider myself a read-in-bed-at-night kinda gal, but I get like 2 pages in before I’m totally asleep. I am excited to say, that is changing. My 2014 project list has several projects outlined for the master bedroom. I’ve only finished three of the ten and and I’d like to complete them all before the holidays.

First, thanks for the votes on the accent wall, after many comments and emails “Cascade” won hands down. And guess what just arrived:


I am so excited about the stencil, that projects is going to be started this weekend…

Remember the crab shack? Well the sliding glass walls separating the master from the add-on are about to come tumbling down:

crab shack before

Well, hopefully not tumbling per se, but down for sure– making way for some FABULOUS barn doors, I can hardly sleep at night I’m so anxious!

I have a few other things up my sleeve. So we’ll see you all soon!

Happy Creating!

Desperate Decision for the Bedroom

Okay, not so desperate, I just wanted to get someone’s input on my next project.

It’s time to focus on the master bedroom. I have posted on the crab shack¬†(plans for that are coming along great), but it is really the entire area that needs attention. This is how the room looked when we bought the home:


Shocking isn’t it? Here’s how it looks now:

master bedroom before nov

And in a few weeks it’s going to look amazing! After much debate I have decided to paint an accent wall. I had my heart set on grasscloth wallpaper, but that is like a bajillion dollars, so this is the next best thing. I want the bedroom to be relaxing because I love sleeping more than almost anything, ever. It can’t be too feminine, because I share the room with a dude. I want to paint a pattern¬†using a glossy paint of the same color as the current eggshell paint for a subtle, but distinct upgrade. I am drawn to more modern or Moroccan patterns so if anyone out there could weigh in on their favorite I would appreciate it! I am down to three options:

Cascade, stencil by Cutting Edge Stencils


Large Herringbone by Royal Design Studio

LAage Herringbone Stencil

Or Moroccan also by Royal Design Studio

Atlas Moroccan

So friends, thoughts?

What Every Flower Pot Needs

A little bit ago I refinished some pots for our front patio. With temperatures over 100 degrees and summer travel, the plants are really hard to keep alive. But with stuff cooling off (90′s) it was time to replant. A friend, that has gorgeous plants, introduced me to the idea that there are three essentials to every pot:

  1. Thriller
  2. Filler
  3. Spiller

So, here we go. For the thriller I used tall grass:

flowers part 1

The filler is a multi-colored mum (still needs to bloom!):

flowers part 2, filler

And finally, the spiller, some pansies that will eventually spill over the edge:

flowers part 3, spiller

And the front porch is rejuvenated! When you pot, remember the three essentials and it’s easy!

Happy Creating!

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