Designing a Boys’ Teen Bedroom

Sometimes it takes a middle school dance to really knock some sense into you. Last week my oldest son invited me to his Valentine’s Day dance and walking into the gym, I gotta tell ya, the B.O. and anxiety took me back about 25 years in a hurry. It was a painful experience even though I remember actually liking middle school.

Middle School Dance Teens Room

After the cookies were eaten and the fancy dancing was over I came home to his room that looks like a yard sale. And not the good kind. Like if I wanted to be a foster parent I’m pretty sure the state would turn me down. He is still using his original changing table/dresser, train bedding from his toddler bed, furniture from a rental and other stuff that just doesn’t work anymore– especially for a teenager. I don’t like kids growing up, Peter Pan and I would be great friends. Here’s a pic of his bed. I promise this is not staged! Ha!:

bed before (teenage boys room)

Not very teen-agey. I feel bad for him. So, the planning has begun. Whenever I plan kids’ rooms and I’ve done a few, like the train room, board and batten, and the treehouse. I have overall objectives I’m reaching for, and (gasp) design is not at the top.

  1. Kids are happy (for my kids this means some input)
  2. A space for them to READ (like this one!)
  3. Space for them to dream and play
  4. The room reflects their personality, which is not always high design!

The plan for the new room is gonna take a lot of effort but my son and I are doing it together. We have pinned several ideas.

Color scheme, “In the Navy” and “Dill” from the Pottery Barn Teen Collection at Sherwin Williams (click here for a coupon):


Mural, found on Little Lady Little City:

Mural Image

Personality pick (trying to find the original, this is what’s floating around pinterest):

Constellation Wall

Add some lighting for reading like the one from this etsy shop:

Sconce for boys bedroom

Also, his little bro is joining him in his room, so I’m now planning for two. We’ve begun painting and will be working on this for a while, I hope you stick around to see how it all turns out!

Happy Creating!

Open Call for Features

Hey Readers!

Do you have an awesome REMODEL, a spectacular ETSY shop, a mind-boggling PROJECT, or just a fantastic house you would like to share on iamhardware? You don’t need to be a blogger or write detailed descriptions, but the more before and after transformation pictures the better. Send an email my way at for consideration.

Have a great weekend and happy creating!

How to Attach Boy Scout Patches WITHOUT Sewing

Every summer as a kid my mom sent me to sewing camp. Sewing camp! I learned a lot of great stuff, but now I avoid sewing if I can. I currently have three boys in scouts and sewing on the patches is such a painful process. Painful times three.


My perfect solution: GLUE GUN  It totally works! It takes a fraction of the time and I have washed my sons uniform at least 10 times and the patches look the same as when I glued them.

Boy Scout PatchesDSC_0034 Boy Scout Shirt Patches

A few things to note:

  1. It can be easy to over glue and when the glue comes out the sides it’s hard to get off. Try adding a dab of hot glue in the middle, put on the patch and then add more glue as needed.
  2. Patches don’t come off. You can’t pass the shirt down or give it away when your child is done with scouts. Those little patches are on to stay.
  3. Check out the boy scout site for instructions on which patch goes where. Again, once they’re on… they’re really on!

Happy Creating!

Live Edge Dining Table

Live Edge Table FinishedEvery once in a while I make something that turns out better than I thought it would. This table is just that. I wish y’all could see it in person, it’s unique and stunning. I don’t know whether to eat on it, or just eat it. I started blogging about this table last year and even completed some finishing touches but I’ve been waiting for the table base to be finished (I wish I was a welder!) It was a long process, but totally worth it.

The table is large, 71″ x 38-42″ wide, it varies with the curve of the wood. It fits eight people comfortably and will be great for our family of six. I’ll eventually add chairs to the ends, but for now I’m just loving having the table!

Live Edge Table After 3 Live Edge Table After (2)

The base was easy to install, about a foot from the edge and secured with hex bolts:

Live Edge Table attaching the base

I chose Black Walnut wood because first off, it’s amazing, I’ve had a crush on walnut as long as I can remember. Second, it’s a very hard wood and will last forever. Third, this particular slab came from California, just like my husband. I knew he would love a piece of his home state in our home (I’m so romantic). So, it’s good-bye yellow table:

Good bye yellow table!

And hello walnut beauty! My favorite part is the extensive feathering on the end:

Live Edge Table Feathering

If you’re looking for them live edge tables crop up everywhere. I’ve had my eye on these tables for years. The price tag can be pretty steep. This was built, base and all, for about $650. Still expensive, but I plan on having it forever. I was stoked that my wood shop teacher Sheldon taught me the process. He is the true craftsman, I just follow his lead.

Live Edge Black Walnut Table Finished

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments. Geez, I wish I could have a massive dinner party and just hang out around the table together!

Happy Creating!

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