Repair and Refinish Furniture: Bed Frame

With the dresser finished for baby g’s room the bed was next. Since I gave her crib away when we moved my little one has been sleeping on her crib mattress on the floor. It just makes me sad to see this each morning:

Refinish furniture bed needed

Poor little one. Luckily, my sister and I traded old furniture. I swapped a queen sized mattress when we upgraded to a king (which is a dream come true) and she gave me this bed frame her son had outgrown. It was black and broken, but the bones were so cute.

Refinish furniture bed before

Before painting this beauty it needed to be fixed. There was a crack in the top and a broken frame piece.

Refinish furniture crack

I used gorilla wood glue and pressure to fix the crack. An old carpenter once told me that “glue is stronger than nails”, not sure how true that is, but wood glue can be very strong. I glued the crack and used brackets and weight to allow it to seal together:

Refinish furniture fix crack 2Refinish furniture fix crack

This isn’t carpentry at it’s best, but that bucket of wheat and box of oranges weighed about 80 pounds total and put enough pressure to allow the wood glue to work it’s magic. I let this sit over night and voila! Crack repaired.

Next the broken frame piece. This had to be completely remade.

Refinish furniture broken frame

I started by measuring and finding the right size dowel piece:

Refinish furniture broken frame 2

I cut a 2×4 down to size, cut the middle with a table saw, and drilled holes for the dowels, using the original broken bracket piece as a pattern. Here’s what it looks like attached:

Refinish Furniture bed frame repair

And finally, painting. I used the same steps for the bed that I did on the dresser and my yellow table. Check out the table post for the best step by step instructions.

Refinish furniture paint beginnings Refinish furniture prime first coat

Almost done:

Baby G's bed almost done!


Refinish Furniture Baby Bed, after

The room is coming along and is now sufficiently pink. Best part is, my baby is in a big girl bed. I couldn’t be prouder.

Happy Creating!

Refinishing Furniture: Dresser

I bought this dresser on craigslist for $125. It was in good condition, all the drawers worked and I like the size and shape of the piece, so it was worth it. What needed help was the bla color and the wood veneer that had been pulled off and warped by stickers and water damage.


Refinishing a dresser - old

Refinishing a dresser - old 3 Refinishing a dresser - old warped

My girl is so cool. With three older brothers she is still a girly girl, with a little twist… and we love it. She loves pink and airplanes and sharks. So, instead of painting the wall, we’re painting the furniture PINK. I chose this “Reverie Pink” from the Pottery Barn Collection and had it mixed at Sherwin-Williams. Because I’m painting the dresser and bed in the same color I bought a gallon, if you’re doing one piece of furniture one quart will be plenty.

Refinishing a dresser - pink paint

I am following the same steps I used when I repainted my yellow table, check out that tutorial for more details. The process really is basically Clean.Paint.Dry.Sand.Repeat. over and over.

  1. Prime the table, two coats
  2. Paint, two coats (or three)
  3. Apply protective coat (one or two coats)


  • Paint brush (Purdy is my favorite!)
  • Primer, I like the Zinnser
  • foam brush for primer (cheaper)
  • Paint
  • Rags
  • Drop cloth
  • Protective layer: I used Helsman semi-gloss
  • New knobs, if desired

Refinishing a dresser - paint


Refinish furniture after 2

The pink was darling, but the knobs were big and bulky. A good way to dress anything up is a little sparkle. I bought 40mm drawer pulls on sale for $11 and they really finished the piece.

Refinish furniture knobs

And no more damage or warping:

Refinish furniture after no warping

It is clean, sparkly and pink. Love it!

Refinish furniture after

Happy Creating!

St. George to Northern Utah


St. George:


To Northern Utah:

northern utah home

I just ran outside and braved the freezing temps to take this picture! It’s a full on storm out there, which doesn’t really make for a great pic, but does kinda reiterate my gloomy point of how fun it was for us to move. I’ve been a little out of it lately, nothing quite fits, not the furniture, the pictures, the kids, or my pants after the holidays… so, the journey begins again!

Here’s the scoop on the houses. The bones on St. George:

  • Rambler
  • 4 bedrooms (although one really should have been an office)
  • One living space
  • Large entry
  • Killer master bedroom with my beloved crab shack
  • A pool to live for, the greatest hole in the ground ever
  • Short sale, cosmetic changes made all the difference
  • you can see lots of pics from the house here

And Northern Utah:

  • 3 levels, with a partially finished basement
  • 6 bedrooms (I’ll share my thoughts on that later)
  • Two family spaces
  • Big, brown kitchen
  • Small entry and no library/office
  • Smallest laundry space that can actually be called a “room”
  • Killer views, majestic mountains, and trails so close it makes your heart jump

There’s no doubt that this house needs some work to feel like home. I am going a little crazy. I have found a few ways to stay sane despite the unfamiliar surroundings, haphazard house and the freezing temps, mostly it’s skiing that lifts my spirits. For me the best cure to any snowstorm is a day on the mountain. Plus a lift ticket is cheaper than a therapy session, and lots more fun.

On the lift with my six year old:IMG_20160116_123604334

I also love cross country skiing, I can leave from the front door and go for miles. I’m kinda addicted. Here’s a selfie on one of my favorite trails.PART_1454197840916_.IMG_20160130_164919

I love the out-of-doors and we were outside all year in St. George. Without skiing I might go bonkers. In doors still feels completely unsettled. Am I the only one that can’t get it together after a move? There’s a lot to do, and I will post the journey here.

Next time: my daughters bedroom, the first of many updates to come. Thanks for reading and Happy Creating!

Weekend Projects

We moved two months ago and I still feel like I’m just trying to keep my head above water. Moving is so overwhelming, nothing fits quite right, everything feels disorganized, and it all just feels a little off. This weekend will be slammed with more projects, interrupted by happy soccer games to split the work up. I’m hoping to tackle two big ones, or at least make a big dent:


When we moved she was transitioning from a crib and I was not inclined to move said bigger mattress or old crib, so she has been sleeping on the floor. I’m an awesome mother.

Baby G's room before 1

The room actually has some great potential. I love the walls, she loves the chandelier left by previous owners and the shutters are awesome. The stuff we brought with us is not as great. She needs a bed and I have to do something with the dresser I bought off of craigslist:

Baby G's room before 3Baby G's room before 2

My sister gave me her son’s old twin bed that I’ve been working on repairing and painting (I’ll blog about next week) but here’s a sneak peak of the good times to come:

Baby G's bed almost done!

Project #2 THE GARAGE

Why do I always feel like I’m cleaning a garage!? This one is a doozy:

garage before

It’s so disorganized, that’s my first battle. I hate how it’s not even finished and it is considerably smaller than our garage in St George which according to my husband is nothing short of a tragedy. Baby girl’s room will be more fun, but this garage has reached the point of no return.

What are you working on this weekend??? Make it a good one!

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