I Dig Pioche

Grandpa and Eva

When was the last time you walked into a history book? I got to a few days ago in Pioche, Nevada. My father-in-law was raised in the Wild West. His dad was a iron/oar/silver miner. For two awesome days my family and I visited the old tromping grounds. And it was awesome. Sometimes I think my projects are time consuming or complicating to pull off, but the women and men that forged the west were the real thing. They were hard core, and I think their history is beautiful.

We camped at Cathedral Gorge outside of Panaca (sister town to Pioche), it is full of sandstone caves and caverns. We had a blast wandering through the splendor:

Cathedral GorgeCathedral Gorge Panaca NV Cathedral Gorge Sam

We wandered around town and relived some of grandpa’s favorite stops:


We even saw wild mustangs out on the range outside of town:

Wild Horses Pioche

But my favorite was Boot Hill, Pioche’s Cemetary. It is where 72 men were buried before anyone in the town died from natural causes. Stuff like fights over poker games and gun duels because of a dog. Legend is they buried them so fast they didn’t even take their boots off. Boot hill is on the left in the picture below, with the modern cemetery on the right. You can also see the old miner carts still hanging above that transported the mining materials from the mountain. My father in law used to play in them as a child, now we just have organized and supervised play dates (hey, I do it to):

Boot Hill Pioche Nevada Sign boot hill

The Wild West was a beautiful place!

Miner Carts Pioche Nevada

Happy Creating!

Project From A Reader

A reader (and my sister) Zub sent me this comment “Look what I’m making using your tutorial!” and this picture:

zub's chair

She is making it from my¬†Parson Chair Tutorial. I couldn’t be more proud! Good job Zub!

If anyone out there has any projects they have made because of (or even in part of) this blog I would loooooooooooooove to see it! Please send it over!

Happy Creating!

Organization boxes, made from cardboard

I think I have shared enough embarrassing and messy photos of my house that my master closet shelves should be no shocker:

shelves beforeAnd that was after I cleaned it a little. It has been on my list for a while, and for organizing closets for some reason always seems to be the last thing I want to do. I feel lucky that my closet is big enough to be a room and that there are ample shelves, but, honestly, I am not really a clothes girl (don’t gasp!).

My first inclination was to buy baskets, but although very cute I needed about nine or ten, which would be more than $150. So of course, I needed a better option. Well, a while ago I hit the JACKPOT at a garage sale. I thought I was buying a roll of butcher paper for two bucks and at home I discovered it was actually VINYL! Score!!! The possibilities are endless, and it was perfect for this project.master closet i love vinyl!

Materials: vinyl (or contact paper), scissors/box cutter, pen, boxes (same size), labels. I bought labels at Michael’s with, of course, a 40% off coupon so this whole project cost around $4. Awesome.materials

First, cut the flaps off the boxes:

vinyl boxes, cut off top

Then, pull off the tape so it doesn’t make the vinyl bumpy:

pull off tape, vinyl boxes

Wrap the box with vinyl, and fold down extras on the inside (I didn’t cover the inside because the boxes are totally for storage and it doesn’t bug me)

vinyl boxes wrap boxes vinyl boxes inside

Add label stickers and about an hour later my closet looked like this:

vinyl boxes after vinyl boxes closet after

Bloomingdale’s? Nope, not even close. But hardware good enough for sure!

Happy Creating!

Birthday Flash Flood

Yesterday was my husband’s birthday. We had planned an epic day of hiking The Subway in Zion National Park with friends. As luck would have it, some of the heaviest rain all year began to pour through the desert region and slam us with water. Here is Mike at the back country office

flash flood party

The Subway is both hiking and canyoneering, so when flash flooding hits you do not want to be in a canyon! There was tons of water coming down the huge sandstone walls and flooding all over. We opted instead for a beautiful high-ground back country hike on the east side:

zion waterfalls happy feet in zion

Too bad for Mike that the entire birthday celebration was the all-day hike, even his birthday gift was this truly beautiful photograph of the Subway. Which just kind of rubbed it in, like, oh look how pretty of a hike you DIDN’T get to go on for your birthday! In the end, all was well…

after the rain

Happy Birthday babe!

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