Weekend Projects

We moved two months ago and I still feel like I’m just trying to keep my head above water. Moving is so overwhelming, nothing fits quite right, everything feels disorganized, and it all just feels a little off. This weekend will be slammed with more projects, interrupted by happy soccer games to split the work up. I’m hoping to tackle two big ones, or at least make a big dent:


When we moved she was transitioning from a crib and I was not inclined to move said bigger mattress or old crib, so she has been sleeping on the floor. I’m an awesome mother.

Baby G's room before 1

The room actually has some great potential. I love the walls, she loves the chandelier left by previous owners and the shutters are awesome. The stuff we brought with us is not as great. She needs a bed and I have to do something with the dresser I bought off of craigslist:

Baby G's room before 3Baby G's room before 2

My sister gave me her son’s old twin bed that I’ve been working on repairing and painting (I’ll blog about next week) but here’s a sneak peak of the good times to come:

Baby G's bed almost done!

Project #2 THE GARAGE

Why do I always feel like I’m cleaning a garage!? This one is a doozy:

garage before

It’s so disorganized, that’s my first battle. I hate how it’s not even finished and it is considerably smaller than our garage in St George which according to my husband is nothing short of a tragedy. Baby girl’s room will be more fun, but this garage has reached the point of no return.

What are you working on this weekend??? Make it a good one!

A Cottage in the Glen

the mountain laurel

Compliments of The Mountain Laurel

I have always dreamed of building a cabin. Just own two hands somewhere deep in the mountains. I have been talking about it for years and I pretty sure my husband never really took me seriously until recently. And now on of my favorite bloggers is doing just that! Have you seen Ana White’s amazing cabin build? I am living vicariously through her until I build a cabin of my own. Here is a picture from her blog, you gotta check it out:

ana white cabin


Sherwin-Williams 40% off, Happy Day!

This sale was the highlight of my day and really is too good to miss! If you’ve been thinking of painting NOW is the time! I’m a big fan of Sherwin-Williams paint and no they are not paying me to say that (no on pays me anything really). Everything is better on sale, everything.sw-img-sale-september

Happy Painting friends!

St George Home Projects

I bought a short sale home three and a half years ago in beautiful St. George, Utah and changed sooo much about it. I didn’t love the house when we bought it, but I loved the neighborhood, school, and the pool. With a pool in the backyard who cares what the house looks like, right? After many projects I loved every corner of those four walls and I feel broken-hearted to leave it. It was far from perfect, but it was home. These pictures are from the home listing and are a little sterile, but are the best pics I have.

My favorite room in my house, and the room I miss the most, is my master bedroom and crab shack. I literally changed every inch of that room from ceiling to floor, except the ceiling fan I would never give up those blessed contraptions.

master croppedcrab shack cropped

My favorite project was definitely the tree house in the boys’ room. My kids used it daily and still talk about it. I’m trying to find an equivalent to the tree house here, but I haven’t settled on anything yet.

boys bedroom cropped

Curb appeal went way up in this house, which was awesome to do because I love working outside. And the pool! Oh, I loooooved that pool! Here are a few of the outdoor projects:

exteriorbackyard 1 cropped

Many of the projects in the family room I haven’t posted yet, like the media table I made with Ana White plans, the update on the window covers, or the best family portrait ever… that is to come. But, here are some:

family room cropped

I always wanted to paint the kitchen cabinets, but couldn’t get a thumbs up from the hubby. Maybe because there were a jillion cabinets, which was awesome and we both love wood. Still, I had have fun in the kitchen:

kitchen (table) croppedkitchen cropped

The third bedroom changed over the years and became such a happy place:

lincolns room cropped

Soon I’ll post the progress on the new house. Hopefully it will become a home to us one day soon!

Have a great weekend and happy creating!

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